Edison Grainery is 100% Organic and 100% Gluten Free


Gluten Free GRAINS

Organic Amaranth *

Organic Canahua *

Organic Corn Meal*

Organic Hulled Millet *

Organic Multi-Colored Popcorn*


Organic Yellow Popcorn (Non-GMO)*


Gluten Free Buckwheat


Organic Buckwheat Groats *

Organic Buckwheat Kasha *


Gluten Free Oats


Gluten Tested < 10 ppm


Organic Oat Bran*

Organic Quick Rolled Oats* 

Organic Regular Rolled Oats* 

Organic Steel Cut Oat Groats* 


Gluten Free Quinoa


Organic Black Quinoa *

Organic Golden Quinoa *

Organic Red Quinoa *

Organic Tri-Color Quinoa * 


Organic Quinoa Bran- Toasted *

Organic Quinoa Crispies *


Organic Quinoa Flakes *

Organic Quinoa Flour *



Gluten Free/No Added Sugar              Cereals 


Organic Brown Rice Crispies *

Organic Quinoa Crispies*

Organic Morning Milo *

Organic Morning Milo Trio *


Primitive Wheats and    

Heirloom Grains


Organic Sorghum *

Organic Teff *


Gluten Free BEANS


Organic Adzuki Beans *

Organic Black Beans *

Organic Black Beluga Lentils*

Organic Garbanzo Beans *

Organic Garbanzo Bean Flour*

Organic Green Lentils *

Organic Green Split Peas *

Organic Mung Beans *

Organic Navy Beans *

Organic Red Kidney Beans *

Organic Red Lentils *

Organic Yellow Split Peas*



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