Food Service

Keeping tabs of culinary trends while keeping pace with your expenses is a daunting task for most Food Service professionals.

Long over looked and underserved, you now have an affordable organic option – delivered to your kitchen. Convenient #5 Food Service sized bags of certified organic, verified Gluten Free, and Kosher ingredients help avoid the pantry pitfalls of stale product and lost inventory.

Most importantly, you now can satisfy the unwavering demand for organics and diet specific ingredients. 

To us antioxidantglycemic index, and gluten free are not just buzzwords; they are a call to action. Led by an exciting team consisting of a nutritionist, a professional chef, a cereal chemist, and our friends and family, we’re tickled to offer cutting edge products our award winning Pasta, our extensive Gluten Free selection and, those ingredients that make up our superfood category.

Our parent company, Edison Grain Inc., is a leader in importing high quality, certified organic ingredients from around the globe. Since we are the first hands in what often becomes a long daisy chain of producers, manufactures, and distributors we wondered what would happen if we joined hands and offered organic ingredients in a  #1, #5 bags, and #20 cases directly to you at extremely competitive prices.

Go ahead; Mix and Match. Custom orders are our specialty. Free shipping on orders over $80.