Quality Testing

Eating healthy is expensive. It shouldn’t be. Meeting nutritional guidelines is difficult for many Americans. It doesn’t have to be.

Edison Grainery’s mission is to offer safe, wholesome, gluten-free, organic pantry staples at affordable prices for the average consumer. Our parent company, Edison Grain Incorporated, is a leading supplier of high-quality certified organic ingredients for industrial clients. We wondered what would happen if we joined hands and offered these products directly to you at extremely competitive prices, and voila – Edison Grainery was born.

Here are a few things you should know about us:

Gluten-Free Facility. Edison Grainery does not store or handle any gluten-containing ingredients, which are defined as wheat, barley, rye, their variations (e.g., durum, spelt, kamut, emmer, einkorn), or their cross-bred hybrids such as triticale. Just to be sure, we verify that we meet FDA’s gluten limit of less than 20 parts per million (ppm) for foods that carry the gluten-free label by sending a sample of every single product lot to an independent certified laboratory to test gluten levels.

Allergen-Free Production. Our dedicated allergen-free production lines DO NOT  process any of the FDA “Big 8” allergens: Wheat, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soybeans, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Eggs, and Milk* (*cheese packets in our Q Mac are manufactured off site).

Commitment to Food Safety. At Edison Grainery we are obsessed with food safety. We follow current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), and through our Food Safety Plan we address food safety hazards with appropriate preventive controls. These include carefully vetting our suppliers with respect to food safety practices and conducting microbiological testing on every incoming lot. Further controls include allergen management and stringent sanitation practices. We clean and sanitize our food production equipment between each product run and at the end of each day. We conduct routine ATP swabbing to verify that our cleaning is effective, and periodic environmental monitoring to ensure that our facility is not harboring environmental pathogens. Finally, all finished goods pass through a state-of-the-art metal detector.

Certificates of Analysis. Edison Grainery values transparency, so we share product testing results with our customers by posting Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on our parent company website. To check them out, go to http://edisongrain.com/products/ and click on any product.

Certified. Edison Grain Inc. is pleased to be certified by and in good standing with the following agencies. Being certified means that we adhere to strict production standards and undergo scheduled and “surprise” on-site inspections.

  • Organic:   USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) & Oregon Tilth (OTCO)
  • Kosher:    Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc)
  • HACCP/GMP:   SCS Global Services

Earth-Friendly Packaging. Our pledge to bring you the finest products extends to our choice of packaging.  Our retail line comes in a low-VOC rice paper pouch that features a resealable zipper and tear notch. The pouch stands up in your pantry and a clear window lets you know when it’s time to reorder. 

Commitment to You. Edison Grainery stands behind its products and wants you to be happy with your purchase. Contact us immediately if you’re not satisifed. Returns must be made within 10 days of purchase. Open bags beyond this time frame will not be considered refundable.

We’re tickled to offer cutting edge organic, gluten-free products like our ever expanding line of Edison Grainery Exclusive cereals and pastas. If there is an item on your list but not ours, let us know.

Custom orders are our specialty. Most items are available in 16 oz., 5 lb., or 25 lb. bags. Go ahead: Mix and Match. Orders over $80 Ship for FREE! 

Whether you are shopping for pantry staples or an Edison Grainery Exclusive, we are pleased you’ve joined us.

Thanks for helping us grow organically.

Amy, Lyndsy, and Jeffrey Barnes