Looking to sell our products in your store?

EDISON GRAINERY is proud to partner with FAIRE to provide case-size wholesale pricing to store owners. As small s business ourselves, we enjoy supporting independent grocers!

We are honored to join your curated shelves and provide Organic, Gluten-Free products to your customers.

From store owners


"These beans are the magic. They look nice and customers are excited with the match up!"

Tenderfoot Farm
Balltown, CO

"We love what they stand for....We have already gotten people thanking us for bringing alternative grains and pastas in."

Tilth & Oak
Benicia, CA

These grains are superb! The packaging is simple and elegant!

Mountain Song
Mt. Shasta, CA

"Great packaging, quality looking grains, perfect price point."

Birch Hill Grocery
Presque Isle, MI